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Construction cradle 10 meters

Construction cradle 10 meters


The rental price is indicated per day. The minimum rental period is 30 days.

If paid immediately 90 days in advance, delivery to the site at our expense

The length of the cradle is 10 meters. Dismountable into 4 sections 2.5 meters long.

Loading capacity 650 kg.

Full set. 

Advantages of a 10 meter cradle over shorter cradles;

1. Fewer descents for material due to the length of the cradle. (This increases the productivity of work)

2. Less unnecessary permutation movements.

3. For one curtain of the cradle, you can capture a section of the wall with a length of 12 meters.

4.Reinforced wire rope with a diameter of 10.2mm (safety)

5.Production date April  2021 year.

6. Cribs with passports and declarations of conformity.

Rent only with 100% prepayment.

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